The history of wine in the Douro is long, a story about two millennia.
The origin of the production of wine in the Douro date back to the time of the Roman occupation of this territory, from the 1st century, an example of which is the fortified Roman villa of the Fonte do Milho, in Canelas, Régua. In this villa, in a rustic dependency, was discovered a wine press. This discovery comes to establish, with certainty, the beginning of the huge historical Epic of wine in the Alto Douro wine region, today a World Heritage Site, by UNESCO.
With the Muslim invasion, wine production was virtually abandoned, because the Quran forbade the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
From the year 1142, Cistercian monks planted the first vineyards of the Douro, on a homestead near the mouth of the Varosa River, today Casa dos Varais. This was the first «quinta» (wine estate) in Douro, produce the so-called «Vinho Cheirante de Lamego», today known as Port.

In 1756, on 10th September, the Marquis of Pombal, Prime Minister of King José I, creates the Real Companhia Velha, which establishes the first demarcated wine region in the world, with the installation of the famous “Marcos Pombalinos” - parallelepiped granite marks (335). This company holds until 1865, the exclusive production and distribution of wines of the region.
The Real Companhia Velha is an unparalleled company: its history, is practically the history of Port Wine. Owns several farms in the Douro (5), like the Quinta das Carvalhas. This property, in front of the village of Pinhão, of great beauty, has its top to 550 meters of altitude, where is located the famous «Casa Redonda», and where, everyone can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of 360º.
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